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Favorite Printables for Kids

Favorite Printables for Kids

Printables often save the day around here. Or at least an hour. Fine, maybe a few minutes. But I’ll take it. Here’s a roundupĀ of my favorite free printables. Hanna Andersson coloring pages. Whimsical drawings of animals, plants, and snacks. And school buses. šŸ™‚ Disney Family. […]

Week 9 – Butterflies, Basquiat & Boredom

Week 9 – Butterflies, Basquiat & Boredom

Whew. This week we are tackling the doldrums of late winter – mud, grey skies, and barely any sunshine. It’s not always fun and I hear “I’m bored” a lot. Sigh. We are ready for spring. And Italy. Luckily we have great places to visit […]


Last night a meteor cruised through our night sky. A lot of people heard a boom; others saw a bright light; some actually saw the meteor. We missed it all, of course, because we were holed up in our house sleeping (me and S) or […]

!Buenas Tardes!

Today we hit Spanish hard and it was a ton of fun. I’m using RockalinguaĀ for material. It has worksheets, games, videos, songs and more. We listened to a song about greetings and daily routines and now I can’t stop singing “me voy a dormir!” I […]

The Laura C Method

Morning. A few years ago, sometime during the first few weeks of school, a wonderful teacher I know was telling me about how exhausted she was. She puts so much energy into the first few weeks of school teaching the kids how to do things, […]