!Buenas Tardes!

Today we hit Spanish hard and it was a ton of fun. I’m using Rockalingua for material. It has worksheets, games, videos, songs and more. We listened to a song about greetings and daily routines and now I can’t stop singing “me voy a dormir!”

I learn best by doing, and I’m pretty sure my kids are the same way. Besides, they need to get up and move. We used these picture dictionaries from Rockalingua to label items in our house. I printed them out and gave each kid a sheet. They used Post-Its to write the word, draw a picture of the item, and put it on the appropriate object in the house.

La silla

Los cubiertos

Los libros

I’m hoping this little lesson will extend into normal home life for the rest of the family as well. At the very least it’ll be good review for the next few days, until the Post Its fall into a pile of nothing and disappear forever, just like my chapstick, scissors, and tape. (However, those items can almost always be found in S’s room. I should post an itemized list of the “treasures” in there.”)

First week of homeschool, check!

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