About Us

Hi. I’m Megan. I’m a midwest momma of four and a major homebody.

Wild & Precious started sometime in the summer of 2017. I don’t really know when because for a while it was just a big, crazy conversation between me and my husband. His job at the time was flexible and 100% remote. Our kids are young and not completely engrossed in school yet. We have family all over the world and we felt like we were missing an opportunity to travel at length, see our family and show our kids the world. I researched countries, flights, Airbnbs, train schedules, vaccinations, visas, travel insurance, everything. I went to local homeschool meetups and meetings. I talked to our school teachers, deans and principal. Finally, in December of 2017, we pulled our kids out of school.

Our life for the next year was crazy, fun, adventurous, hard, and beautiful, all at the same time. I wrote quite a few blog posts about it – you should read them. 🙂

Now we’re back in the States and as of January 2019, all the kids are back in school. I’m figuring out life at home again, as well as planning a few upcoming trips. I hope you’ll stick around and follow along.

Meanwhile, you can find us on Instagram at @wildandpreciousfamily and on Facebook here.

🙂 Megan