The Funnest Geography

“This is the funnest type of geography I’ve ever done in the world, momma.”

Day two is in the books, folks. We had fun and I’m pretty sure they learned a few things. Our day looked like this:

  • 9:00 start
  • Calendar work – today’s date, writing in today’s activities, looking ahead at the week
  • Mail – we picked a new person to write to and added their address to our address books. Stella chose our cousins in Australia, so we talked about how international addresses and postage are different than mail in the United States. Writing letters gave me a chance to check on their spelling and grammar. We also watched a video on how mail goes from our house to its destination. The kids were pretty surprised at how much happens after mail is picked up. They had a lot of questions, which I was happy about, because I think it means they’re learning.
  • Math – Anderson started a unit on fractions while Stella read. When Anderson was done, he helped her with her math. There are some real pros to have an older kid who’s already been through second grade math.
  • DOL for both, a favorite.
  • Anderson worked on his paragraph of the week and Stella did a TPTs worksheet.
  • We started a unit on geography. It is the funnest, you know.
  • We ended the day with ten minutes of picking up.

Somewhere in there we also had hot chocolate and a snack. 🙂

I am going to pretend we covered:

  • Writing / Spelling / Grammar (writing letters, DOL, paragraph of the week)
  • Social Studies (Post Office video, geography)
  • Math (Math Expressions, Khan Academy)

At some point this week we’ll start:

  • Our unit on energy
  • Spelling
  • Spanish

So far so good!

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