“It’s not about the fashion, Mom.”

“It’s not about the fashion, Mom.” – A’s thoughts on me trying to get our new wall map straight.

Day three.

We are slowly finding a routine. Each day I move things around a bit to make the best use of the day. I am definitely liking the routine, even for myself.

Random things I am learning:

  • Blurting out. OMG, blurting out. I can barely finish a sentence. It’s mostly A. He’s so darn excited so it’s hard to fault him. But sometimes, maybe once, I’d like to complete a thought.
  • Big brothers are good teachers. It’s so nice to have A step in and help S.
  • I am loving Teachers Pay Teachers, especially the morning work worksheets for S. They cover random things I don’t think about, like telling time and irregular plural nouns.
  • My kids know more than me (thank you, CC). Buddy just said “that’s a homophone” and S just reminded me that a word in her DOL is a compound word.
  • I think I’m going to spend approximately 8.2 million dollars in copy paper and ink cartridges.

Random (and important) things they are learning:

  • How to read their own bank statements (math, good savings habits, life lessons).
  • How and why to shred important documents (hello, bank statements).
  • That sometimes there can be a fourth line on addresses (if you’re mailing to other countries).

In other news, I am so proud of S. We’re learning about the place values of hundreds, tens, and ones, and she aced it. She struggled a bit on Monday, but she totally got it today.

Until later, my friends.


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