Grand Canyon Bound!

WE’RE GOING TO THE GRAND CANYON! We are so happy to have a trip coming up. We’ve been bummed about canceling Bolivia and really wanting to jumpstart our adventure.

Naturally this news has me started on a unit study on Arizona and the Grand Canyon. We started with basic information – state capital, state population, state flower, state flag, etc. Then, because they had ants in their pants and I know how much they like to draw and color, we moved on to a state map. I was amazed at how much they got into drawing their own maps. They went way past just Arizona and wanted to fill in all the bordering states. At bedtime I was reading a book to S about geology in the Grand Canyon she was able to remember the states in the Four Corners, just because she drew it today.

Those babies learn by doing and seeing, just like their momma.

I can’t wait to plan the rest of this unit. We’ll talk about geology, geography, national monuments, the National Park Service and anything else that floats our boat. It’s so fun to hear what interests them. I see lots of crafts in our future.

– M


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