We’re supposed to be in Bolivia right now.

Bolivia is one of our top priorities for this new adventure of ours. My father-in-law was born and raised in Bolivia, and my husband has been several times. It is a huge part of his family life and culture. We’ve never been as a family and we are bound and determined to go. The past several years our obstacle really has just been having small children. We just weren’t up for a long trip with them yet.

We’re ready now, but sadly, it seems the universe is not. We’ve had the trip lined up three separate times, and for lots of reasons, they all fell through. Most recently our challenge was acquiring our visas on time (a lengthy, very detailed, pretty expensive process) and the yellow fever vaccine. It took a while to figure out whether we need it or not (we do) and once I figured that out, I learned the health department was out of it. In addition, our daughter had pneumonia and we didn’t feel good about giving her a vaccine at that time. It all felt like too much, so we cancelled. Sigh. My husband’s uncle assured us the ticket prices are fairly stable, so we’ll rebook when the timing feels better. Meanwhile, now I know the 100.1 million things I need to do to make it all go smoother.

To our Bolivian familia, we’re so sorry and we hope to see you soon.

I have ants in my pants to go somewhere, so I have two domestic trips in the works. I’m waiting on a few final details (story of my life, it seems). The logistics of all this travel is no joke, my friends.

– M



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