10 Questions with Ms. S

Today’s post is from our very own Ms. S. She didn’t want to write anything on her own so we settled for 10 questions.

Do you like homeschool? Why?

Mmhmm. I like it because I’m at home. It’s cozy.

Is it what you expected?

A little bit. Because I thought it would be more like A sat here and I sat there.

What subject do you like the most?

I like science the most.


I forgot.

Where are you excited to travel to?


Why? Is there something you want to see there?

I don’t know what there is in Switzerland. That’s why I really want to go.

Is there something you want to tell your friends?

I miss the class and wish the new kids good luck.

What’s the worst part of homeschool?

Nothing. Well, there is one part. I don’t like doing address books because we don’t really have address books to do anymore because we’ve done so many addresses.

What’s your favorite place in the whole wide world?

Being with Pal and Mommy at home.

How come you don’t like the food I make you?

Because it’s never, ever good. Except when you make desserts.

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