Chunk Hot Ville

Today we’re at my mom’s house. She was an elementary teacher for 30+ years, so I asked her to plan a few lessons for us.

The first lesson was a creative writing assignment. First each kid had to pick their favorite number between one and 10. A’s number was 10 and S’s number was 8. They had to use these numbers to create an animal – 10 was the number of heads the animal had and eight was the number of legs. Next they drew a picture of the animal and their environment. Finally, they wrote a story about the animal. Why does he live there? What does he eat? Is he a mammal, bird, insect or reptile? What is the animal’s name?

Meet Chunk. He lives in Chunk Hot Ville.

I would summarize the rest of the day, but why? Can anything really top Chunk from Chunk Hot Ville?




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