How To Salt Paint

This is a fun, easy craft for all ages. You may even have all the materials in your house already. If not, they’re pretty inexpensive and available at most big stores.

You’ll need:

  • Elmer’s glue
  • Salt (table salt, not sea salt)
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • A small plastic container to mix water and paint
  • A small cup of water
  • Thick paper or coated paper plates (the really inexpensive kind)
  • Cookie sheet or craft tray (optional, but good for containing the mess)

Step One

Using the glue, draw a big, basic shape on the paper plate. Try to not let the glue applicator actually touch the plate. You want the glue to be rounded on top, like a piece of spaghetti.

Step Two:

Sprinkle salt all over your design. Gently shake your plate back and forth to make sure all sides are coated. Tap excess salt back into the tray or a bowl.

Step Three

Put a small amount of acrylic paint into a plastic cup. I used an empty yogurt container. Add a dab of water. I don’t have exact measurements here. The idea is to water the acrylic paint down a little bit. If I had to give you measurements I would say 80% paint and 20% water.

Step Four

Now comes the fun part. Gently dab paint onto your salt painting. Do not rub or brush, just dab. If the paint doesn’t spread, add a little more water. If it runs all over the place, add a little more paint. Don’t worry about making a mess – this is just supposed to be fun!


The thickness of the paper makes a big difference when salt painting. Use the thickest paper you can find – cereal boxes, shipping boxes or paper plates all work well.

If you’re painting outside, I’ve also noticed the weather makes a difference. Heat seems to make the glue run. I either move painting inside or let it go and enjoy the process.

xo, Megan

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