Travel: Q&A With The Kids – You Ask, They Answer!

We played a fun little game on Facebook the other day. You asked the kids travel questions and they answered. I think you’ll start to see a theme on what they liked best. ūüôā

My clarifications are in italics.


“What was hard about traveling that you didn’t expect to be hard?

S – I missed Pal (our dog). And the long airplane flights. I thought I was going to sleep!


If you could have a giant painting of one place you visiting hanging in your house what would be on it? Why?

S – The black sand and the beach in Santorini, because it was pretty.


What was your favorite place you visited?

A – Santorini.

S – Santorini.


What was your favorite place to eat or favorite snack?

A – The burger at Noma (in Perissa, Santorini).

S – Fresh bread.


What was an interesting thing you learned about another country/city?

A – I learned that the streets were very small and so were the sidewalks.

S – There are lots of long walks in Switzerland.


What was your favorite activity you did as a family?

A – I liked going to Santorini. The beach was fun. I liked swimming.

S – I liked the airplane because we had snacks and could walk around.


Where would you like to travel to next?

A – Australia.

S – Texas.


What do you always see / have access to in the U.S. that other countries do not have?

A – We had to download shows from Netflix¬†(i.e. shows in English weren’t always available.)

S – The other countries have smoke (cigarette) and the United States does not.


If you HAD to move to one of those places, which would you choose and why?

A – Santorini. I liked the beach, the waves, and the burgers.

S – Santorini. Because it has a beach to swim in and fresh bread.


What was the best kid-friendly spot you visited?

S – The best spot for kids were the beach tables (the tables near the beach umbrellas in Perissa, Santorini.¬†We’d often have snacks there while swimming).


Who are some of the people you met, and how is their culture different from yours?

S РI met Aunt Wilma. We drank a lot of fizzy water and she makes really good salad. (Sparkling water or naturale water is served at mealtimes. Tap water is almost never used.)


What are some fun things to do while waiting in an airport and you can’t use technology?

A – I would draw or look at snacks.

S РI play with something from my carry-on. In Paris there was a bike at the airport that you could ride and make the city light up. (The Milan and Paris airports had really cool, interactive play areas for the kids. We were in Paris for six hours and parked ourselves right next to it.)


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